CRB Tech CAD/CAM Training Center

CAD/ CAM technology which has become one of the most used technology by hardware designers.


It is being used for both Designing and Manufacturing. At CRB TECH we use the best of the resources which are at par the industrial training given. We also provide all of our students with counseling and 100 percent job guarantee. At CRB Tech we also give our students the ability to cope with various problems which will help them to become an Industrial experts. We also have good amount of tie ups which will help our students to land easy Jobs.Here is the Syllabus for CAD/CAM course.

Fundamentals of Cad

Introduction, Reasons for implementing a CAD system, Computer Aided Process application, conventional design vs CAD. Benefits, Hardware, CAD softwares, Elements of Programming, CAD programming. Technical specification of CAD workstation, computer software-operating system .

Computer Graphics

Scan conversions, DDA and Breshnham’s algorithm for generation of various figure, 2D and 3D transformations: Scaling, Translation, Rotation, Mirroring, Clipping, Homogeneous matrix.

Geometrical Modeling

Types & mathematical representation of curves, wire frame models, entities, representations, parametric presentations 04 3.1 Review of vector algebra, lines, circle, ellipse, parabolas, Parametric representation of synthetic curves, cubic curves, b – spline, Bezier spline, sweep curves, 05 3.2 Surfaces & solids – model, entities, representations, fundamentals of surface and solid modeling, B-rep, constructive solid geometry (CSG), analytical modeling, sweep. 04 3.3 Solid manipulation, visual realism. Computer aided design of Mechanical Elements & Mechanical Assembly with animation. Capabilities of various commercially available software in the area of CAD.

Various Institutes Offering Training In CAD/CAM:-



3. CADDCenter

4. Idemi center

5. IFSC Acdamey

6. CAD/CAM Guru

There are a few distinct sorts of CAD, each requiring the administrator to ponder how to utilize them and outline their virtual segments in an alternate way for each.

There are numerous makers of the lower-end 2D frameworks, including various free and open source programs. These give a way to deal with the drawing procedure without all the get worked up about scale and arrangement on the drawing sheet that went with hand drafting, subsequent to these can be balanced as required amid the formation of the last draft.A wire-edge model is a visual presentation of a three-dimensional (3D) or physical article utilized as a part of 3D PC representation. It is made by determining every edge of the physical item where two scientifically consistent smooth surfaces meet, or by uniting an object’s constituent vertices’s utilizing straight lines or bends