CRB Tech Core Java Interview Questions

Java is an computer software which is developed by the Sun Microsystems the software was developed during the year during 90’s and was released officially as an software during the year 1996.

Java Interview Questions & Answers

Latter the company sun Microsystems was acquired by oracle foundation. The software has been so far used to develop cross platform application and application for the computers. The main usefulness of Java was that it had been the best cross platform software for various embedded systems. This has resulted into something better for the programmers who look for only one software to get the application developed which has to work on the cross platform. Here at crb tech we have Java teachers who have more than six years of working in the industry of IT. They will not only teach how the java programs work but also look for as to how the project is really made. The teaching will be an kind of on Job training for all the students. This will help out the students to get inside and get used to the company environment. Here are some of the tips which you can make use to when you go out for an Java Interview.

What is the difference between a Class?

Their are two types of class which are both divided into two types of class as Inner class and sub class. An Inner class is a class which is nested with other class. An Inner class is something which has access to the other class which is meant the nesting of the class and this class will have all of the access to the variables and this methods are quite well defined in the outer class. In case of an sub-class it is an class which includes from another class called super class. Sub-class is something which can have public and protected methods and fields of its super class.

What are the different access specifiers for Java classes?

Ans: In Java, access specifiers are the watch words utilized before a class name which defines the entrance scope. The sorts of access specifiers for classes are:

1. Open : Class,Method,Field is available from anyplace.

2. Protected:Method,Field can be gotten to from the same class to which they have a place or from the sub-classes,and from the class of same package,but not from outside.

3. Default: Method,Field,class can be gotten to just from the same bundle and not from outside of it’s local bundle.

4. Private: Method,Field can be gotten to from the same class to which they have a plac